ADHD Diagnosis and Management

Comprehensive discussion hosted by Dr Faheem Naqvi (Consultant Psychiatrist) with Expert Guest Speaker Dr Cyrus Abbasian (Consultant Psychiatrist). Ideal for all healthcare professionals who may see patients with ADHD in their clinical practice.

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1) What is ADHD, what are the different sub-types and how common is it?
2) Is ADHD a diagnosis of Exclusion?
3) ADHD and co-morbidity with other psychiatric and neuro-developmental disorders?
4) Treated vs Untreated ADHD and Prognosis
5) How to reach a diagnosis of ADHD? Which diagnostic tools are most commonly used?
6) How does ADHD affect functioning in Childhood and Adult life?
7) Non-pharmacological management of ADHD
8) Pharmacological management of ADHD (Strategies, Monotherapy vs Dual Therapy etc)
9) Trial and Error approach to ADHD?
10) Further reading, resources and advances
11) Further Discussion